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BEV insolvency: Customers are supplied by municipal utilities

Press release from 24. January 2019

Last week, Bayerische Energieversorgungsgesellschaft (BEV) filed for insolvency. Even if BEV can no longer supply its customers with electricity and gas, they are neither left in the dark nor in the cold. In that case, the local basic provider jumps in, in Landshut these are the municipal utilities. "The affected customers are currently receiving an information letter from us," says Stadtwerke sales manager Mathias Hösl.
The BEV informed on their website that customers would not have to terminate. As a precautionary measure, the consumer advice center and the municipal utilities nevertheless recommend terminating the contract extraordinarily and justifying this with the delivery deadline.
In recent weeks, consumer centers have reported on several occasions that BEV has experienced increasing customer complaints and massive price increases.
After TeldaFax, FlexStrom and CareEnergy, an energy provider with a questionable business model is now going bankrupt again. In order to attract customers, low-priced bidders often lure you to get started with low prices or bonuses, afterwards the prices will be increased accordingly.
Hösl holds little of lock offers. "Stadtwerke relied on security of supply, trust and stability. We buy the electricity demand of our customers with foresight and with a sense of proportion and do not put on risk. "The price structure of cheap people and special lock offers can not offer the Stadtwerke like most basic suppliers because of the special supply order. "But we stand by our word that we are there for our customers, both inside and outside Landshut," emphasizes Hösl. , "We are convinced that it pays off in the long term for customers to rely on the on-site service provider who directly deals with the concerns of the customers and also does something for the city community in the form of investments in infrastructure and sponsorship measures."

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