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Press release from 5 February 2019

1) Insolvency of BEV: How many customers in the city of Landshut are affected?


2) Have such cases occurred more often in the past? Yes, after the major bankruptcies of TeldaFax (2011), FlexStrom (2013) and CareEnergy (2017), these were in 2018: EnVersum GmbH (March 2018), The Energy Agents Supply GmbH (June 2018), German Natural Gas Supply GmbH ( July 2018), e: venn (September 2018), Systemstrom GmbH (September 2018), Deutsche Energie GmbH (December 2018). With BEV, an energy provider with a non-traditional business model is now going bankrupt again.

3) How does such a change to the public utilities as a consequence of a bankruptcy of a low-cost provider? At the BEV, the transmission system operators for the electricity (Tennet) and natural gas (NCG) of the BEV each terminated the balancing groups. As a result, the BEV may no longer use the distribution grid or gas network and the local distribution network operators such as Stadtwerke Landshut will automatically take the BEV customers into the basic and replacement supply. The local network operator (in Landshut the municipal utilities) then informs the customers that they are now supplied by the local primary supplier. In addition, our sales department receives a message that new customers are in the basic and replacement supply, after which the customer may be offered an offer for a different tariff. Customers are currently receiving the information letters and electricity and gas offers. The supply is ensured by the municipal utilities for the customers at any time.4) What is the base price at the municipal utilities? (The low base price is probably an aspect that makes a switch to low-cost providers attractive). - Consultation - do you mean with basic price the monthly deductions?

In order to attract customers, low-priced bidders often lure you to get started with low prices or bonuses, afterwards the prices will be increased accordingly. Often then apples are compared with pears. Also allegedly cheap monthly discounts are offered, which can lead to high back payments at the end of the year. Most comparison portals on the Internet do not indicate whether a provider is cheap only in the short term or longer term. And there are also many comparison portals in which companies buy the ranking.

5) If the customer automatically falls into the replacement supply - is this, as can be read on the Internet, overly expensive? Is there any lower tariffs on the part of Stadtwerke? At Stadtwerke there are in addition to the basic and substitute supply the tariff TH-Best (cheapest tariff, duration 12 months, Bestabrechnung), the ecological tariff (100% renewable energy from hydropower, duration 12 months) and the ÖkoMax ( 100% renewable electricity from hydropower, duration 12 months, 1 cent per kWh for the expansion of renewable energies). In addition, there are the RegioStrom tariffs for the customers, who live outside the city of Landshut and thus not in the own network area of the Stadtwerke. With a consumption of 3,900 kWh and Eintarifmessung saves you in the tariff TH Best 76.44 euros per year compared to the basic and replacement supply. The basic and replacement supply can be terminated on a monthly basis. All electricity customers get the Stadtwerke customer card, with which they receive various benefits in the Landshut retail trade and at the Stadtwerke.

What is still important to us:

Stadtwerke relied on security of supply, trust and stability. We buy the electricity needs of our customers spread over several tranches proactively and with caution and do not put at risk. The price structure of cheap-people and special lock offers can not offer the Stadtwerke like most basic providers because of the special supply order - namely, if others can not more - not offer. We make a promise that we stand for, that we are there for our customers, both inside and outside Landshut. We are convinced that it pays off in the long term for customers to rely on the on-site service provider who directly deals with the concerns of the customers and also does something for the urban society in the form of investments in infrastructure and sponsorship measures, but also for the region Landshut, because here are many contractors eg Installers home. Whom service means something and to whom a well-functioning general interest is important is definitely in good hands with Stadtwerke Landshut.


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