Cold weather start in the outdoor season

The indoor swimming pool of the Stadtbad will be up for a week longer

Press release from May 8, 2019

On Saturday, 11.05.2019, the swimming pool season begins in the city pool. According to weather forecasts, the thermometer is not expected to climb above 15 degrees Celsius in the coming week, so Stadtwerke has decided to open the indoor pool to the outdoor swimming pools for another week.

Actually, the indoor pool should be adopted with the start of the outdoor pool season in the summer break. Now it will remain open at least until 19 May 2019. However, the opening times of the outdoor pool season apply. New is that the opening hours are extended in the evening - from May 11 to September 14, bathers can now swim for half an hour longer than before: Monday to Friday from 6 to 20.30 and Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 8 to 20.30 clock. Stadtwerke electricity customers receive the way 20 Euro discount on a season ticket per household.

Despite the cool weather in recent days, the entire Schwimmschulareal with sports, swimmers, multipurpose and children's pool and the planter for toddlers is already prepared for the bathers. In recent weeks, the 80-meter slide, two infant slides, rope circus, nest swing, hammock, floor trampoline, barefoot path were brought to fruition, the lawn trimmed, shrubs trimmed, the paving stones steam-blasted, raised awnings, beach chairs set up, planter with colorful flowers and Grasses stocked. "Now we all hope that it will be warm and the next four months as sunny as possible, so that the bathers can enjoy the sun's rays and the movement in the water," says Stadtbadleiter Gerald Gnatz.

The sauna is open from May to July until 8pm. The exact opening hours as well as ladies' and men's saunas as well as all prices are listed in the current flyer (available at Stadtwerke-Kundenzentrum and Stadtbad) and on the homepage at released.

Water rats should mark the 1st of June 2019: On that day the Wasserwacht Landshut in the city bath Landshut organizes the "day of the Schwimmabzeichen". Children, adolescents and adults have the opportunity to prove their swimming abilities - depending on their level of achievement - for the badges "seahorses" and the swimming badges in bronze, silver and gold. A team of trained members of the Wasserwacht Landshut checks the services required of the BRK Wasserwacht from 10 am to 5 pm. In addition there are tips and tricks for swimming rules and also aids, how the buoyancy can be improved.


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Susanne Franck
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Stadtwerke Landshut
Phone: (0871) 1436 2222

Blick auf des Stadtbad Landshut

Picture: For the open air season start also the indoor pool remains open. Photo note: Stadtwerke Landshut / Leidorf

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