High-performance pump not yet active

Precaution for high Isarpegels

Press release from May 22, 2019

The high-performance pump on the Troppauer Straße, which the Stadtwerke set up on Tuesday, 21.05.2019, sometimes did not need to be activated yet. All-clear, however, is not yet given, because the groundwater level in Mitterwöhr can still increase. At the moment Landshut is still reporting level three. The Water Management Office warns against flooding in built-up areas and before the rise of the groundwater level.

At the bridge on the Konrad-Adenauer-Straße is the outlet of a drainage channel of the Breslauer road. From this, mechanically purified water is discharged into the river Isar during heavy rainfall events in order to relieve the reservoir channel. However, the Isar presses against the outlet flap at high tide, so that the free flow of the mechanically purified water is severely limited.

The continuous rain has stopped in the meantime. But with rising groundwater levels, the basements are still full. Some residents in Mitterwöhr pump the water into the canal without permission. For this reason, the channel can then be overloaded quickly because the flow into the Isar is inhibited by the high Isarwasserstand.

The high-performance pump helps draw in some of the water from the drainage channel at a depth of 3.50 meters and pump it via four pressure pipes directly next to the outlet structure into the Isar - 300 liters per second creates the pump in addition to the regular discharge of the channel.

The weir valves at the Maxwehr and the Ludwigswehr are now all open as much as possible to allow as much water as possible to flow through. The flaps at the Maxwehr have been raised again on Wednesday morning by 25 percent to relieve the Great Isar downstream a little. For better flotation, such as thick branches or large tree trunks, the flaps are also controlled accordingly. In the case of the weir control or damper control, the public utilities adhere to the water levels prescribed in the Water Act.


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