Recalculation of water prices

Moderate price increase required

Press release from July 8, 2019

Stadtwerke Landshut will adjust the water prices on 1 August 2019. On Friday afternoon, 5 July 2019, the plenary unanimously approved the price increase. The consumption price increases by 0.09 euros per cubic meter (1,000 liters). The monthly basic prices remain the same.

On average, the increase is between four and five percent. With a consumption of 150 cubic meters per year (three- to four-person household) that means in absolute terms 1.13 euros (including VAT) more per month.

Water price adjustment has become necessary as more investment is required in the coming years and operating costs are rising. The largest share of the investments will go into the continuous renewal of the pipeline network in order to secure the long-term supply. In addition, the refurbishment of the main building with tubular cellar and the general overhaul of the pumps are in progress at the Siebensee pumping station. At the high tank Annaberg a pump has to be replaced.

Stadtwerke Landshut also regularly compares the prices of other, comparable utilities for price adjustments. Here it can be seen that the water prices are moving in the lower midfield after the increase.

The water price calculation is based on the current BDEW guideline. Basis of the calculation approach is to promote a steady modernization of the water supply and to stabilize the value preservation, thus to prevent a creeping disinvestment. In the latest water price calculation, Stadtwerke Landshut was accompanied by the auditing firm PWC.


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