Redirection of the evening lines 102 and 107

Cleaning work in the Josef Deimer tunnel

Bus diversion from 2 October 2019

Due to routine cleaning and maintenance work, the Josef-Deimer-Tunnel has to be closed in the period from Monday, 14th to Wednesday, 16th October, at night - between 21 and 6 o'clock. The work has been planned for a long time. The detour for the closed tunnel is signposted.

The evening lines affected by the tunnel closure operate as follows:

Line 101: unchanged;

Line 102: Altstadt - pedestrian area - Theaterstraße - Ländtorplatz - Hauptbahnhof - Industriestraße - Ergolding / Rathaus and unchanged back to Stadtpark, then via Theaterstraße - Ländtorplatz - pedestrian zone to the old town;

Lines 103, 104, 105, 106: unchanged;

Line 107: Old Town - pedestrian area - Upper Old Town - Grieserwiese - Kupfereck, then unchanged to old town;

Lines 108, 109 and 110: unchanged;

On the detour routes the regular stops of the urban line network are served. In addition, the following request stop will be set up: "Ländtorplatz" in the direction of the old town for line 102.

Bushaltestelle mit Stadtbussen in Landshut