Redirection of the line 3 on the 28th of October

Because of canal works in the Neißestraße

Bus diversion from October 23, 2019

Due to sewer work on Neißestraße in Auloh, the stops "Pregelweg" and "Donaustraße" can not be operated on Monday, October 28, 2019, between 07:00 and 17:00. Line 3 begins at the "Kanalstraße" stop, then goes to the "Saaleweg" stop. There she turns and leaves Auloh on the Chemnitzer road. The same applies in reverse order for the opposite direction of travel. The passengers of the stop "Pregelweg" are asked to go to the bus stop "Auloh / Kreisstraße" and to get off there on the return journey. The passengers of the bus stop "Donaustraße" are requested to use the stop "Saaleweg" to get in and out. The buses of the express line X3 and the evening line 103 are not affected by the suspension.

Bushaltestelle mit Stadtbussen in Landshut