Übergabe eines Schlüssels für ein Carsharing-Fahrzeug in Landshut

car sharing

Traveling on foot, by bike, by bus and train and complementing a car shared with others - that's eco-friendly and affordable mobility that also enhances the quality of life in a city.

In Landshut, there are currently two car-sharing providers with whom Stadtwerke cooperate:

AutoSharing e. V. and ECOBI, Car sharing customers benefit from the purchase of bus tickets and the purchase of municipal utility power. In turn, energy and bus customers benefit from car sharing.

From the point of view of the Stadtwerke, car sharing is the ideal complement to the city bus and public transport (ÖPNV) in general. Who shares car, is in combination with public transport environmentally friendly and inexpensive mobile.

additional Information

Benefits for Stadtwerke customers with AutoTeilen e. V.
  • Free extended validity for bus tickets for AutoTeilen members: one month for the half-year card, two months for the annual ticket (in LAVV tariff zone 100).
  • Holders of a half-yearly or annual pass for city buses pay a reduced deposit of € 500.00 instead of € 800.00.
  • no annual contribution for Stadtwerke Landshut customers in the first year of membership in AutoTeilen

All information about AutoTeilen car sharing (prices, booking, etc.) can be found at www.autoteilen-landshut.de or on Facebook.


Phone: 0871 434 45
E-mail: info@autoteilen-landshut.de

Benefits for Stadtwerke customers at Ecobi
  • 10% off every ecobi package price for Stadtwerke Landshut electricity customers
  • 15% off every ecobi package price for Stadtwerke Landshut electricity customers, who also have a half-year or annual ticket for the city buses.

All information about the Ecobi car sharing (prices, booking, etc.) can be found at www.ecobi.de or www.facebook.com/ecobiLandshut.


E-mail: info@ecobi.de
Phone: 0871 4302 3055

Carsharing in Landshut