E-Auto an einer Stromtankstelle in Landshut

EV-Charging Station

Our public charging stations and charging facilities are spread throughout the city. Owners of electric cars, e-scooters and e-bikes can charge their vehicles easily and simply at all public utility charging stations.

Prices & Info

The charging of the e-vehicle is currently still free at many e-gas stations of municipal utilities. Stadtwerke feeds the e-charging stations with the sustainable and climate-neutral ÖkoMobil electricity, which is generated 100 percent from regenerative energy sources, currently from hydropower plants.

The fast-charging stations in Landshut on Grieserwiese on Wittstraße and on Kaserneneck on Ritter-von-Schoch-Straße are subject to charges. The columns each have

  • 2 x CCS cables (50 kW together / dynamic load distribution)
  • 1 x Type 2 cable (43 kW)
  • 1 x type 2 socket (22 kW)

The charging process at the charging station at the main station (2 x type 2 can with 22 kW at the car park Oberndorfer Straße) are also subject to a charge.

CCS + type 2 cable € 4.50 / 15 minutes
Type 2 can € 2.50 / 15 minutes
Mann tankt an Landshuter Stromtankstelle sein E-Auto auf

Overview of the E-charging stations in Landshut

An overview of our charging stations in the city of Landshut can be found in the following overview: Overview charging stations Landshut.

You can also find the locations in the city map of Landshut under the Menu item "Traffic" as well as on various charging column finders like Ladeatlas Bavaria or Goingelectric.de.

Karte mit Stromtankstellen in Landshut