Kläranlage Landshut von oben

Properly disposed of


That does not belong in the sewage

To be honest - you usually do not think about wastewater treatment when you flush your toilet, right? Maybe only then again when the waste water bill flutters into the house. Everyone can do their bit to ensure that the wastewater and thus our environment stays cleaner.


Avoid channel obstruction and locate

Channel blockages are usually caused by careless disposal (eg of wet wipes, diapers, feminine hygiene products) via the toilet, but also by damage in the property drainage system (eg due to pipe breakage or root ingrowth).

Essensreste im Kanal lockt Ratten

Rats in the canal

Leftovers in the canal are a great food for brown rats. Rats can not only live undisturbed in the public canal, but also in private property drainage systems, especially when regularly provided for the disposal of leftovers through the toilet for food replenishment. In the underground they have optimal retreat and no natural enemies.

Flyer Ratten – unerwünschte Gäste

Möchten Sie ohne eigenes Auto mobil sein?

As a passenger in our city buses, this is easy.
Whether you are a frequent or occasional driver.