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announcement of moving

Are you planning a move and are you already a customer? Then you can simply log in and out via our online forms or fill out a PDF, print it and send it to us.

Important: For systemic reasons it is necessary for you to obtain a closing date-specific final invoice for your previous residence during a move fill in both forms: the deregistration to end the care at the previous place of residence and the registration for the new place of residence.
Please think Payment by direct debit It also gave us a completed and signed Issuing SEPA direct debit mandate to send by mail.

If you have any questions, we are personally there for you at the Customer Center Altstadt 74.
You are not yet a customer and would like to register again? Then try our tariff consultant for electricity and or natural gas.

Umzug Stromanbieter wechseln oder behalten
Unsubscribe from previous residence

Print a cancellation:

or fill in online:

signing off

the purchase of electricity, natural gas, water, heat

1. Contact details

2. Your new address

3. Bank account

4. Nachmieter (if known)

5. owner

6th excerpt

Here you will find all references to our
" Data protection.

Sign in new residence

Print the application:

or fill in online:


for the supply of electricity, natural gas, water, heat

1. Contact details

2. Bank account

3rd previous tenant

4. owner

5th move

Here you will find all references to our
" Data protection.

»Customer card

Exclusively for our electricity customers

With our debit card Get attractive discounts on regional retail. Collect immediately and without expensive points.

Vorsicht Betrüger

Beware of scammers

Tips for dealing with dubious calls and dubious representatives

Again and again, customers in the Stadtwerke customer center report that they receive unsolicited calls from other providers or that dubious representatives at the door demand a contract signature. In some cases, the persons even pretend to be alleged employees of Stadtwerke Landshut.

Good to know: You will always receive important contract information in writing.

Here are some tips for you to deal with dubious providers:

Stadtwerke Landshut do not make any unsolicited telephone calls or doorstep sales to offer cheaper rates. Employees of the public utilities can show a badge.
Did you receive a dubious call or visit from another energy provider?
Then please contact Stadtwerke Landshut. Either in person in the customer center in the old town 74, by calling the service number 0800 0871 871 (free of charge from the German landline) or by e-mail at info@stadtwerke-landshut.de, We will assist you in pursuing the matter.

By the way: Customers who are quite sure from whom they have been called, can also complain to the Federal Network Agency:
Phone: 0291 99 55 206,
E-mail: rufnummernmissbrauch@bnetza.de.

  1. Do not be put under pressure by hectic or aggressive behavior of the other person. Always ask if you did not understand something.
  2. Under no circumstances should you provide the following information:
    • Bank data
    • Counter numbers or counter readings
    • customer number
  3. For unsolicited calls, take the best notes:
    • Name of the conversation partner
    • Telephone number of the caller
    • Company Name
    • Name of the offered tariffs
    • Date and time of the call
    • Content of the call (bullet points)
  4. Avoid saying "yes" to unsolicited calls. This is often abused as a contract.
  5. Hang up the phone or close the door if you feel uncomfortable.

Comments & complaints

Would you like to share your suggestions, ideas or benevolent words? Then we look forward to hearing from you.
This also applies to constructive criticism. Because, of course, we know that we are not always perfect - where work is done, chips also fly. Therefore, in order to develop ourselves, we are dependent on your feedback. Constructive criticism puts us in a position to turn on the set screws, which we may have found to be correct in our opinion, but can analyze and readjust thanks to a hint. So if you have noticed an issue unpleasant, we would ask you to give us in direct exchange at least one chance to eliminate the defect or to improve the quality.

Individuelle Kundenberatung im Kundenzentrum

You have suggestions?

Kundenzentrum Altstadt 74

customer center

+++ Aus aktuellem Anlass: Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation durch den Corona-Virus ist das Kundenzentrum bis auf Weiteres geschlossen.

Wir bitten Sie, Ihr Anliegen per Post oder per E-Mail an info@stadtwerke-landshut.de zu senden.

Telefonisch erreichen Sie uns unter 0800 0871 871 (kostenfrei aus dem dt. Festnetz, Mobilfunk ggf. abweichend) montags bis freitags von 08:00 bis 18:00 sowie samstags von 09:00 bis 13:00 Uhr.

Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis und Ihr Vertrauen. +++

In our customer center Altstadt 74 you receive competent and personal advice on the diverse range of public utilities - and right in the heart of the city center. Even in the electronic age, there are issues that can be better clarified in a personal conversation.

In the customer center you benefit as a customer from personal contact on site. Due to its central location, a city tour without additional ways can be quickly and easily combined with a visit to the municipal utilities. The Customer Center is open for you six days a week. Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and Saturday from 9am to 1pm.

Convince yourself of our varied offer:
  • Timetables, bus tickets
  • Season tickets for the city bath
  • free, comprehensive energy advice
  • Savings advantages of the customer card
  • Advice on electricity, gas, district heating, water
  • Services: data changes, product changes, answers to questions about the bill

…and much more

Information for all cash depositors: The cash machine is located in the entrance area of the Stadtwerke headquarters at Christoph-Dorner-Straße 9, 84028 Landshut. This can be reached from 6 am to 10 pm with the customer card.

Please note that there is no customer center in the Stadtwerke headquarters at Christoph-Dorner-Straße.

customer Magazine

Four times a year, we inform you with our customer magazine NetzWerk about news and stories about the Stadtwerke. It is ready for take-off in the customer center and is also distributed via Landshuter Wochenblatt and the Landshuter Zeitung. Here you can read the last three editions online. The next issue will be published in mid-December 2019.

Titelbild Kundenmagazin NetzWerk, Ausgabe 26
  • 35 Jahre zentraler Omnibusbahnhof am Bahnhofsplatz
  • Klimaschutz: ÖkoMax jetzt mit Prädikat „Regionalstrom“
  • Ausgezeichnet: Stadtwerke sind wieder Top-Lokalversorger
  • Stadtbad: Am 16. Mai beginnt die Freibad-Saison
Titelbild NetzWerk Ausgabe 25
  • Gute Vorsätze? Tipps für mehr Klimaschutz
  • YouTube: Stadtwerke jetzt auf Online-Sendung
  • Jahresabrechnung: bis 3. Januar Zählerstände melden
  • Fahrgastkomfort: Haltestelle am Ländtor wird verlegt
Kundenmagazin Netzwerk Ausgabe 24
  • Education 2020: Stadtwerke offers nine professions
  • Indoor swimming pool: New era is approaching
  • Wastewater: from the beginning of sewer construction
  • Public Transport: Clean vehicles become mandatory


» Post-EEG-Angebot

Was mache ich mit meiner PV-Anlage nach dem Ende der EEG-Förderung?

Ab 2021 endet schrittweise die 20-jährige Förderphase für Photovolatik-Bestandsanlagen. Wir arbeiten derzeit daran, Ihnen nach Wegfall der EEG-Förderung alternative Produkte für Ihre Anlage anbieten zu können. Hinterlassen Sie uns einfach im Formular Ihre Kontaktdaten und wir melden uns bei Ihnen, sobald wir die Produkte anbieten.

Kontaktformular Post EEG für PV-Bestandsanlagen

Bitte senden Sie das unterschriebene Formular per E-Mail an vertrieb@stadtwerke-landshut.de oder per Post an Stadtwerke Landshut, Vertrieb, Postfach 2820, 84012 Landshut.

Photovoltaikanlage auf einem Dach

Any questions?


Here, builders, construction companies, planners, architects and installers receive helpful information house connections of electricity, gas, water, district heating and canal as well as to Planning and routing information.

Hausanschluss planen

»Installer directory

For domestic installations, the expert should ran. Here you will find an overview of the contract installers gas and water Stadtwerke Landshut.

Verzeichnis der Vertragsinstallateure Gas Wasser