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Regional advertising at a low price

Effective outdoor advertising and high-reach indoor advertising:
From our own experience we know that there are many customers who are not reached with classic advertising or social media. We offer you advertising media and media that mix directly with people: for example, bus advertising, advertising on the back of a ticket, screen and billboard advertising in the bus or in the parking garage.

Our top sellers for advertisers:

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TFT screen advertising on the bus: high range for a small budget

The high-reach screen advertising on the bus is ideal for the small budget. The advertising motif runs in the entire bus fleet (around 60 buses) right next to the stop display. In rolling alternation with up-to-date information and other advertising motifs, your ad will display the entire driving operation.

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Billboard advertising on the bus: permanently visible at eye level

The posters on the bus are always clearly visible directly behind the bus driver. The Cliprahmen advertising is particularly suitable if information is to be read longer, for example for job offers, training opportunities, events, offers from pharmacies or therapy offers of beauticians, naturopaths and physiotherapists.

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Busaussenwerbung: eye-catching and conspicuous

With an advertisement on our buses, your image advertising rolls through Landshut and the neighboring communities Altdorf, Ergolding and Kumhausen. Their advertising is always seen - in the historic center as well as in the individual residential areas - by pedestrians, by cyclists, by motorists. A perfect advertising medium for reaching regional customer groups or for employee acquisition.

Everything about regional advertising in Landshut

For more information about the prices for flyer distribution in the buses, for the advertising on the back of the ticket, in the timetable booklet, on the video wall and on various billboards in the parking garage old town / center you get in our

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