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Read meter - that's how it works
How can I sign up?

Many ways lead to gas for cooking and heating of the Stadtwerke Landshut: Just fill the Tarifberater and choose the best natural gas supply for you. Or you come in ours customer center in the Old Town 74 and register in person. For both ways, the correct meter number and the expected annual consumption are important. If you know the current meter reading, we look forward to the status and the reading date.

Moving - what do I have to do?

In the case of a move, there are countless things that want to be organized or should be considered. Your meter readings for your gas meters (and also the electricity, water and / or heat meters) you can contact us when the time comes, Report, We then create your final statement on your extract date and send it to your new address. Even if you move in the city area is always a systemic reasons Registration and registration.

How can I change the gas price?

You can switch between the rates of Stadtwerke Landshut at any time. Either you use ours Tarifberater or you will pass our customer center in the old town 74. If you would like to switch from another gas provider to Stadtwerke Landshut, you can do so either in person or online via the Tarifberater take care of. For this we need a notice of termination from you or if you have terminated yourself, the termination date.

How are my monthly installments / discounts calculated?

The monthly discount, ie the rate you pay to the public utilities, is calculated based on your expected annual electricity consumption and the current prices. To estimate your estimated energy use, last year's consumption is the benchmark. The energy consumption depends on the living space, the building envelope and the number of people living in the household.
The estimated cost of annual consumption is divided into eleven deductions, which you make as a monthly installment. With the annual accounts at the end of the year, we bill the partial payments made with your actual consumption.

Statements Note

Sie haben Fragen zu den Rechnungsbestandteilen? In unserer interaktiven Rechnungserläuterung erhalten Sie Antworten.

Are there any outside of the city Landshut natural gas from Stadtwerke Landshut?

Currently, we only supply natural gas in our own network area. This includes the city of Landshut, Kumhausen, Prices Berg, Piflas and parts of Altdorf. In case of doubt, please ask our customer service on 0800 0871 871 (free of charge from the German landline). 

What should I do with gas odor?

thanks of the blended perfume smells natural gas so intense that even the smallest amounts of gas are perceived. The smell is reminiscent of ammonia or rotten eggs. The most important with gas smell: do not panic. Keep calm and note the following points.  

  1. Open fire can be life threatening if there is a smell of gas. Therefore: Do not smoke, do not use lighters or matches. Do not press Light and device switch more, because sparks can also occur on electrical devices. Drag  no plug from the socket and do not use a phone or smartphone in the House. 
  2. Open windows and doors to lower the gas concentration. 
  3. Close the main shut-off device (HAE). 
  4. Inform your roommates (important: knock, do not ring!) 
  5. Verlassen Sie so schnell wie möglich das Haus und rufen Sie außerhalb des Hauses die Störungsleitstelle der Stadtwerke Landshut unter  0800 800 2109 an. Die Leitstelle ist an sieben Tagen die Woche rund um die Uhr besetzt. 
What do I have to consider when connecting to a house?

Do you have any further questions?

Our customer service would be happy to assist you more.

We are glad to be here for you:
Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 and on
Saturday from 09:00 to 13:00

Service number: 0800 0871 871

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