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Whether you want to renovate your heating, have questions about solar thermal and photovoltaic or seek out power guzzlers. We try to find the best solution for your needs.

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Stromkunden können mit unserer kostenlosen Energie- und Umweltberatung bares Geld sparen. Von unseren Fachleuten erfahren Sie, wie Sie sinnvoll und kostengünstig Energie einsetzen können. Abhängig von Ihrem Verbrauchsverhalten, gibt es verschiedene Tipps, wie Energie ohne Komfortverlust eingespart werden kann.

Was Sie dafür tun müssen? – Einfach einen Termin mit unserem Energieberater unter Telefon 0871 1436 2059 bzw. per E-Mail unter umweltberatung@stadtwerke-landshut.de arrange.

Kostenlose Energieberatung
Spartipps zum Energieverbrauch

Energy saving tips

There are numerous ways to reduce your own energy consumption. With rising prices, the topic of energy saving plays an increasingly important role. Everyone has influence on the amount of his bill. You can often achieve many savings through simple means without sacrificing comfort. This not only reduces energy consumption but also protects the environment and natural resources.

The lion's share of energy consumption by German households is accounted for by heating at around 45 percent, followed by cars at more than 34 percent. Household electricity accounts for around 20 percent of the total energy consumption. In our brochure "Energy Saving Tips", you'll learn how to reduce your energy consumption through changing behaviors, buying new equipment, or handling heat properly.

Particularly economical household appliances

You can also make a personal contribution to the energy transition if you pay attention to their energy efficiency when purchasing home appliances. Mostly refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers and dryers are purchases for many years. Above all, they should be reliable, have a long service life and be economical. After all, low energy consumption is environmentally friendly and also saves money. The brochure "Particularly Economical Household Appliances" * should support you. Here you can find out which models you can save a lot of electricity and water, for example, if you buy a new refrigerator or a new washing machine.

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Frau spart Energie und spart dabei bares Geld

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