Schwimmerbecken für Vereine im Freibad Landshut

Clubs in the city pool

Kneipp club

In summer, the Kneipp-Winkel in Stadtbad is the meeting point for the members of the Kneipp-Verein Landshut. In the only area accessible to members there is a water treading pool, an armpit and other infrastructure. Further information is available by phone 0871 616 22, e-mail or under available.

Swimming club 53 eV

Swimming, diving, triathlon and beach volleyball are the domains of swimming club SC53 Landshut. With around 1,500 members, the sports club is one of the largest swimming clubs in Bavaria.

Further information on the training times and offers are available by phone 0871 670 273 (only answering machine), e-mail or under


The motto of the Wasserwacht is to enjoy sport and to give pleasure. The Ortsgruppe Landshut regularly takes the swimming badges in the Stadtbad - from the early swimmer "seahorses" to the golden swimming badge. Reductions are made during the open air season on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, between 13:30 and 14:30 and during the indoor pool season by appointment. Further information is available by phone 0871 1436 2232, E-Mail or under