Heavy transport in the Harland district

on 29.10.2019 - UW Ost modernized

General, press release from October 24, 2019

The rehabilitation of the substation (UW) East is completed. Only the site equipment still needs to be removed. For this purpose, on Tuesday, October 29, 2019, heavy equipment is required for the removal of a prefabricated concrete building: A 35-meter-long truck must maneuver the 73-tonne object through the Nikolaus-Alexander-Mair and Christian-Jorhan streets. Therefore, there is no parking for Tuesday along the streets. The residents were already informed by the Stadtwerke. You ask to strictly observe the stopping restrictions. This is the only way to ensure smooth arrival and departure of the heavy transport and to minimize the restrictions on the residents.


With the completion of the modernization of the electrical engineering facilities of the UW Ost and the expansion of the transformer fleet, the municipal utilities ensure both the energy supply and the energy supply for the future. The UW Ost, located between the small Isar and flood trough, is next to the substation in Altdorf a central hub for the power supply Landshut. It is - pictorially presented - a large logistics hub for the just-in-time delivery of electricity.


The heart of a substation is the transformers. They link the different voltage levels: In the UW Ost high voltage (110 kV) of the upstream network is down-converted to medium voltage (20 kV) and passed into the distribution network of municipal utilities in the local network stations and distributed to customers.


The UW Ost is almost half a century old. In 1970, the construction of a second substation in the eastern part of the city was decided on because of the increasing demand for energy. Two years later, it went into operation. In view of the age and the increasing demands on the power grid, a fresh cell treatment was necessary. In addition to the third transformer, which had been required for redundancy reasons and went into operation in February 2019, the ground fault compensation has been renewed since mid-2018 and the 20kV switchgear completely modernized.


The renovation project was designed for around 1.5 years. Stadtwerke was constantly on schedule - both in terms of time and costs. Stadtwerke invested a total of around five million euros in modernizing the security of supply of its inhabitants. With the additional transformer and the remotely controllable switchgear, the growing city is well prepared for the future in terms of power supply and prepared for the energy turnaround.

Neuer Transformator des Umspannwerks Ost in Landshut
Neuer Transformator des Umspannwerks Ost in Landshut

The third power transformer went into operation in February 2019.

Betonfertigteil-Gebäude auf einem selbstfahrenden Tieflader

The prefabricated concrete building, which was delivered at the beginning of July 2018, will be transported away on Tuesday.

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