A badge for water protection

Pilot project in Landshut "No waste water in this gully"

Press release from August 2, 2019

The first sticker "No waste water in this gully" is set. Landshut's Lord Mayor Alexander Putz and ÖDP City Councilor Elke März-Granda had the honor of sticking Bavaria's first warning aluminum plaque to a street gully in a separation canal area in the Landshuter Wolfsburg settlement. The badge is to contribute to the fact that no more dirty water, for example, from the car wash, out of ignorance on the nearest street drain in a rainwater channel is disposed of and so can go directly into a body of water or in the groundwater. "The use of the badge is a contribution that directly serves the protection of water and groundwater," said Putz. And Elke März-Granda added: "The pollution often happens out of ignorance." Before now protect this plaque, which is also understood by its design of citizens without knowledge of German.

In Switzerland, such badges have been around for some time. That is why ÖDP City Councilor Elke März-Granda asked as part of a city council application for the examination of whether such plaques are also practicable in Landshut. This resulted in a pilot project with the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection and the German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA) and Stadtwerke Landshut, which are responsible for wastewater disposal in the independent city.

In the northern Wolfgangsiedlung, all affected gully inlets, a total of 183, will be marked in the rainwater channels with a badge "No waste water in this gully" of the DWA Bavaria this summer or fall and tested in practice over a period of two years , These include installation effort and durability. Finally, the badges are exposed to wind and weather as well as brush cleaning by cleaning vehicles, the clearing blades of snow removal vehicles, etc.

It also aims to examine citizens' acceptance and gather information for a cost-benefit analysis. The Bavarian Ministry of the Environment has promised the project a pilot subsidy of 50 percent of the costs of the plaque campaign. Essentially, these are costs for material and assembly. The area to which the sticker with special adhesive is applied must be prepared with a milling cutter. The Ministry of the Environment and Water Management Landshut also accompany the project as part of a bachelor thesis. "We are currently writing the thesis," said government director Thomas Schranner. If the pilot project in the northern Wolfsburg settlement is successful, the action will be extended to all separation system areas of the city of Landshut.

About one third of the urban area Landshut is drained in the so-called "sewer system". This means that there are separate sewage and rainwater channels. Rainwater drains off in separate channels to relieve the rest of the drainage system - in the case of the northern Wolfsburg settlement, rainwater is channeled into infiltration systems. In separation channel areas, special care must be taken to ensure that only clean precipitation water reaches the rainwater channel.

Since many citizens do not know whether they live in a mixed water or Trennkanalgebiet and often dirty because of ignorance waters, now a warning badge should be attached to the affected gullies.

"Conversely, this does not mean that dirty water can be poured into an unmarked gully. Also road sink boxes in mixed sewer areas are only intended for rainwater, "emphasized Dr. med. Andreas Schuster, Division Manager of Stadtwerke Landshut.


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Picture 1 from left: Annegret Weise-Melcher (WWA), Dr. med. Andreas Schuster, Alexander Putz, Elke März-Granda, Daniel Eckstein (DWA), Christian Sommer (SW LA), Henriette Hausner (STMUV), Plant Manager Armin Bardelle, Thomas Schranner.

Picture 2: The first sticker of Bavaria is set. © Stadtwerke Landshut

Picture 3: Mayor Alexander Putz and ÖDP City Councilor Elke März Granda.

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