Water network under scrutiny

Water pipe network analysis from 14.10. until 18.10.2019

Press release from September 26, 2019

Between 14 and 18 October 2019, municipal utilities will carry out pressure and volume measurements in the drinking water network as part of a pipeline network analysis. To this end, Stadtwerke and RBS wave GmbH include so-called pressure loggers at selected points in the water pipeline network. Thus, the pressure drops generated by controlled withdrawals (standpipes) can be measured in the network. These pressure and flow measurements take place both during the day and in the late evening and at night. They can produce small disturbances (poor pressure conditions and rust water formation in the net) with the water supply. The aim of the analysis is to obtain a detailed calculation of the actual hydraulic state, ie to know whether the pipeline network works as calculated and the pressure conditions still fit. You can read more about this on page 14 of our Customer magazine NetzWerk, issue 24.

Frisches Trinkwasser aus dem Wasserhahn